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Taking Charge with Dr. Ann Vertel

Turn your expertise into a successful work from home business, while honoring your values of God, family, and country.

Dr. Ann Vertel, is an entrepreneur, business psychologist, 20-year Naval Officer, and the Founder of American Women In Business™, the premier work at home coaching and training program for women who value faith, family, and freedom. Learn more at

Aug 19, 2016

Positive thinking and positive self-talk can literally make us more productive - a great reason to think positively!

So how do we overcome negative thoughts and negative self-talk?

In this episode, I share 4 strategies for changing the way you think so your positive thinking and positive self-talk can support you and your goals. You'll learn how to think positively, improve your perspective, focus forward, give up the drama, and deliberately choose new thoughts by forming a new thinking habit.