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Live a Bigger Story with Ann Vertel

Take charge of your life, your career, and everything in between so you can discover, design, create, build and thrive in work and life you love! Your host, Dr. Ann Vertel, is a business and motivational psychologist, human behavior expert, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and 20-year naval officer whose passion is helping you live, love, and lead with confidence. She speaks, trains, and consults with corporations, associations, institutions, and government agencies on how to develop high-achieving leaders with a success mindset. Learn more at

May 20, 2016

Resistance shows up in many forms and one of the hardest ones to deal with is procrastination. This episode gives you three specific steps you can take to learn how to stop procrastinating so you can be the confident woman you were meant to be and go after your dreams with gusto! Click to Listen […]