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The Ann Vertel Show

Turn your expertise into a profitable business from home and do it in a way that honors your values of God, family, and country. Dr. Ann Vertel is a business psychologist, success coach, 20-year naval officer, and the founder of American Women in Business, the premier business coaching program for women who want to make money from home and believe that faith, family, and freedom are foundational to the American Dream. It's business coaching and strategy with a little "God Bless America" vibe in every episode. Learn more at

Apr 28, 2017

Most leadership development programs miss the most crucial step. Without this foundational piece, leaders can find themselves mired in drama, chaos, indecision, poor communication, and micro-managing. This episode discusses the concept of “ship, shipmate, self” and how to fix or develop a transformational leadership...

Apr 11, 2017

What if I told you that true fulfillment isn't about the journey OR the destination?

How often have you been told to "enjoy the journey?" That happiness and fulfillment are not about the destination?

This episode opens a third possibility, one that will change the way you see all your goals, processes, accomplishments,...