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American Women in Business

Turn your expertise into a successful work from home business, while honoring your values of God, family, and country.

Dr. Ann Vertel, is an entrepreneur, business psychologist, 20-year Naval Officer, and the Founder of American Women In Business™, the premier work at home coaching and training program for women who value faith, family, and freedom. Learn more at

May 11, 2017

Counselors use a powerful skill in getting their clients to talk about issues that are painful, scary, or deeply personal. It is called a "reflection of feeling." When you reflect back to someone what they are feeling, you meet them right where they are emotionally. You've connected with them, they don't feel quite so...

May 5, 2017

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with a teenager, you’ve experienced maximum frustration. Not being prone to volunteer information, they usually wait for adults to initiate discussions. Unfortunately, most adults just keep asking a series of questions. The more cryptic the answers, the more questions...