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The Ann Vertel Show

Turn your expertise into a profitable business from home and do it in a way that honors your values of God, family, and country. Dr. Ann Vertel is a business psychologist, success coach, 20-year naval officer, and the founder of American Women in Business, the premier business coaching program for women who want to make money from home and believe that faith, family, and freedom are foundational to the American Dream. It's business coaching and strategy with a little "God Bless America" vibe in every episode. Learn more at

Jan 28, 2016

Once we make a big life decision, it seems everything settles out and we can think clearer again. But like all successful women in business, before we make an important decision there can be frustration and worry. Today’s episode gives women leaders a 4-question framework to help you make the right personal...

Jan 15, 2016

What if you loved what you do so much you never wanted to quit or retire? How much of your day is spent solving problems? Problem solving can be draining, exhausting, and frustrating. It’s time to create something – time to bring something into existence that just wasn’t there before. If we […]

Jan 8, 2016

Can you change your personality? How about your temperament, thoughts, or reactions? I’ll break it all down for you in this episode, so you’ll know how to embrace the parts of you that are simply “you” (in all their wondrous glory) and how to start making positive changes in the areas where you can. Click […]